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Make blue plate hamburgers and you will thank me. Haven’t tried the regional ones listed. Extra ingredients must be used to counter the taste of egg whites in nearly every commercial brand. The taste of Blue Plate is different than any other mayo and much better than anything any chef could make. Hopefully, this list will be useful for people looking for … Mayonnaise … Since 1927, Blue Plate® has dressed up everyday meals with its unique, legendary taste. Cholesterol 10mg. and not all stores sell it. Besides a horrible taste and a product that pours like soup we are now ingesting harmful things into our bodies, and these consumer product people do not have to inform us of the changes, much less what the changes really are. In early 2008 we reformulated the Kraft Real MAYO line. What about the other famous southern mayonnaise, Blue Plate? Everyone has their own taste so it is different for everyone. To quarter cup Mayo I added teaspoon of white sugar and 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar. Watch out for their other products too like lemon pie filling and jello. Maybe enough complaints came in that they actually listened. On the other hand, If I were cooking for a pot-luck, maybe the Kraft Mayo could provide a middle-ground for both sides? What is it now, “UNREAL?”, OMG I got a new jar and it was awful! Thanks for letting us know Sally. From … I’ve emailed them to find out. Deduction: these are not people, because none of this information was or is being made available to us. Go to Trader Joe’s. I have tried almost all of the others mentioned, but Hollywood is far and away the best tasting – not sweet, just the right flavor for sandwiches and salads. Our recipe is short and simple, made like homemade, with ingredients like oil, vinegar and only the egg yolks-nothing unnecessary. Mike, that is so funny. Click HERE to see a list of our daily updated Newest Coupon Offers. What kind of parents would do that to a kid? Incidently, the Mayo label change preceded the actual formulation change. I spotted an unadvertised BOGO deal that I missed in my pictures. 57K likes. You bet! Sauer Company Richmond Va is the best Mayo on the market and that is that. Amount Per Serving. For the love of God, people, it’s Hellmann’s, with two n’s! There’s nothing better. Maybe I have to look harder. … Up to 10% of egg yolks, color comes from the eggs, creamy consistency, eggs are the second ingredient, vinegar is not overpowering , opened jar should be eaten within 2 weeks… But most of the time it is priced nearly double what the supermarket top brands are. Oz. I wasn’t impressed. Sorry…. You can only get it in the south. yes i say it changed with the new label definitely sweeter and flavor is different… bummer. Until now. I got it added to the Happy Report but I wanted to point it out so you guys didn’t miss it. Hi Mike, sorry I had to edit some of your comments because I think they were over the top and I have no idea if you really were in the plant and I can’t accept “allegedly” made comments but we got the message you don’t like the product. Blue Plate Mayo is a New Orleans product that is, simply, better than even Hellman's/Best Foods. My favourite is Heinz Salad Cream English Dressing. Kraft mayo and related products started downhill when they switched to the much cheaper soy oil (which is also now used to heat our furnaces!!). Blue Plate Mayonnaise, New Orleans, LA. 9/30/19 (SS 06/30/19 R) [12-oz.+] Buy (2) at BOGO $3.17. But I’d like to make sure you know that all of our ingredients are listed in order of predominance by weight on our Nutrition Facts panel.”. Dukes is the only mayonaise worth considering. Kraft Real Mayo is ‘IMO’ a tad tastier than Hellmans. FYI it’s available on Amazon. Not worth that much. 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I grow up in GA and it was readily available in the South. In our family we don’t say “pass the mayo”, we simply say “pass the Duke’s”. Award-winning food writers at Epicurious chose Blue Plate as #1 in a Blind Taste Test of 16 mayonnaise brands, voting Blue Plate The Best Mayonnaise You Can Buy at the Grocery Store. I grew up in the north with Hellmanns and Miracle Whip, and continued to use them after moving to Florida over 20 years ago. I also bought the Calder’s at the dollar store. I switched to Dukes and told them so. 0%. I for one raised heck with Kraft about the change. When we discovered the radical change in the formulation of Kraft Mayo all hell broke loose. Since 1927, we’ve made our Real Mayonnaise from a simple, time-honored recipe of oil, vinegar and only the egg yolks, making it extra rich and creamy. There is this hard to describe new, icky taste to my ol’ tried + true chicken salad recipe…it was there last time + time before, as well…I just made excuses then, but now I know: on sandwiches and in smaller amounts, Hellman’s Real is fine, but when it calls for a cup or more in a recipe, beware. Everyone would ask her for the recipe and she’d tell them, but she always said Mayonaisse because everyone always told her they didn’t like that awful Miracle Whip! But each has its best use on and in different food choices. I came in the kitchen and was dishing up some of the salad when my daughter warned me “you aren’t going to like it” I said what do you mean, she said go ahead try it, there is something wrong with that Mayo. The best as far as I am concerned. Kraft has changed its formula and is much sweeter than it used to be. I don’t feel qualified to judge between Dukes and Hellman’s since I haven’t done a side-by-side comparison. and by the way did you screw around with the Krakt ranch dressing and dip? The magazine tasted 16 brands of mayonnaise — to determine the best one. Blue Plate Mayonnaise. It taste exactly like Hellman’s and is great in recipes, burgers etc. . Although I grew up on Hellman’s for my sandwiches and tuna salads, I will be purchasing a small jar of Kraft’s Real Mayo for a comparison. Get grass fed angus beef patties. Blue Plate Light Mayonnaise with Olive Oil brings out the flavor of all your favorite foods, made with heart-healthy oils and half the calories and fat of regular mayonnaise. It’s not made with cheap soy oil which is my first priority. At Blue Plate Mayonnaise, we believe simple is always better. Sticking with Blue Plate from now on. It was a little bit bitter, and it did nothing for a sandwich. Big Mike thank you. Miracle Whip, though a mayo-like product and not true mayo) is easily top of the heap for sandwiches. Her reply, well we wanted a more robust taste so we added some mustard and a little more sugar. Nutrition Facts. Why fix it if it ain’t broke? I also love a home grown tomato sandwich with lots of Blue Plate! At the moment it tastes better than the Best Foods. Why call it real and then change it? I cannot understand why they would change the recipe. It is a thinner consistency though. I grew up on Hellmans. It has no sugar listed on the label yet it is sweet… Yuck!! Anyone??? Upheld by many southerners since 1929, and that includes me, I’ve come to like it even more than Duke’s. I like the small bottle. I work at a plant that manufactures private-label salad dressings and mayonnaise. //

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