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Recipients of compromised Zoom accounts were able to log into live streaming meetings. The breach was discovered by Visa and MasterCard in January 2009 when Visa and MasterCard notified Heartland of suspicious transactions. On November 8, 2020, news and entertainment platform Mashable announced they were a victim of a security incident that exposed some users’ data. February 13, 2020: The theft of an employee laptop from GridWorks IC, a third-party vendor of Health Share of Oregon, has exposed the personal and medical information of 654,000 members. IdentityForce has been protecting government agencies since 1995. MGM Grand assures that no financial or password data was exposed in the breach. In late 2016, Uber learned that two hackers were able to access the names, email addresses, and mobile phone numbers of 57 million users of the Uber app. The damage related to cybercrime is projected to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021, according to Cybersecurity Ventures.To give you a better view of the current state of overall security, we’ve collected 29 vital statistics about data breaches, hacking, industry-specific statistics, as well as spending and costs. September 14, 2020:  An undisclosed number of customers of the office retail giant, Staples, received email notification disclosing their information has been exposed in a data breach. October 6, 2020: Blackbaud, a cloud-based fundraising database management vendor for non-profits and educational institutions, became victim to a ransomware attack beginning in February 2020, which remained undetected until May 2020. In May 2019, online graphic design tool Canva suffered a data breach that impacted 137 million users. Last year, we also began to see the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) impose hefty fines and penalties on organizations, such as those relating to the Equifax breach and Facebook data leaks, to settle charges of improper handling of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Stay up to date with security research and global news about data breaches. The data breach expanded beyond just the direct users of app, and also exposed the contact information belonging to any contact stored on their mobile device, such as contacts names, phone numbers, email, home and business addresses, company names and family ties. The hacker was running a business selling Personal Identifiable Information and was selling the credit card numbers and social security numbers he had accessed in the breach. The Defence Information Systems Agency (DISA) is responsible for direct telecommunications and IT support for President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, their staff, the U.S. Secret Service, the chairman … The breach contained 112 million unique email addresses and PII like names, birthdates and passwords stored as MD5 hashes. In March of 2018, it became public that the … A highly sophisticated cyber attack breached Jetstar’s security barriers compromising the data of 9 million customers. A report by Security Intelligence says that the average expenditure of the data breach is now $3.92 million, with the most costly part of the process being information recovery. The breached database was discovered by Upguard director of cyber risk research Chris Vickery. May 5, 2020:  A reported ransomware attack on the Fresenius Group, a global healthcare company and one of the largest dialysis equipment providers in the U.S., impacted the company’s operations around the world. According to research by Risk Based Security, whilst the number of reported data breaches are down, the number of records exposed is more than four-times higher than any previously reported time period. The database exposed customer names, postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, check-in data, gym location, notes on customer accounts, last four digits of credit card, credit card expiration date, and billing history. When It Happened: Announced December 9, 2020, the data exposure took place April 9-November 12, 2020. According to the Ponemon Institute’s Cost of a Data Breach Report, an annual compendium of data breach trends that over the years has become a barometer of sorts for the information security industry, in 2020, data breaches on average cost $3.86 million. Telephone number, billing address, shipping address(es), and date of birth were also impacted for a portion of their customers. The attackers exploited a known vulnerability to perform a SQL injection attack. An investigation revealed that users' passwords in clear text, payment card data and bank information were not stolen. Follow @NakedSecurity on Twitter for the latest computer security news. The breach was disclosed in May 2014, after a month-long investigation by eBay. Reports link these profiles back to the data leak discovered in December, with additional PII attached, including email addresses. The personal information disclosed includes names, physical addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, work histories, dates of birth, height and weight, ethnicity, and physical characteristics, such as hair color and length. Instant insights you can act on immediately, 13 risk factors, including email security, SSL, DNS health, open ports and common vulnerabilities. Although the app does not collect names, the database included nicknames, ages, ethnicities, genders, and location data of over 900 million users. The information accessed from the Princess Cruises and the Holland America Line includes names, addresses, Social Security numbers, government identification numbers, such as passport number or driver’s license number, credit card and financial account information, and health-related information. Data accessed in the breach included travel details email addresses as well as the complete credit card details of 2,208 customers. In 2019, this sensitive data appeared listed for sale on a dark web marketplace and began circulating more broadly, so it was identified and provided to data security website Have I Been Pwned. Control third-party vendor risk and improve your cyber security posture. These are the Big data breaches of 2020. August 7, 2020 Dear Community Member, We are writing to let you know about a data security incident that may have involved you and other members of your family’s personal Federation-related information. The site is said to have 19 million users and possibly 24,000 users had their usernames and passwords exposed. May 28, 2020: More than 5 million user records belonging to Minted, an online consumer marketplace for art, home decor, and stationary, were sold by a hacker on the dark web. Eugene has over 20 years of experience in the areas of Information Technology and software engineering. Marshals Service database. The attack exposed patient names, addresses, dental diagnosis and treatment information, patient account numbers, billing information, bank account numbers, the name of the patient’s dentist, and health insurance information. The exposed data included 101 million unique email addresses, as well as phone numbers, names, physical addresses, dates of birth, genders and passwords stored in plain text. Expand your network with UpGuard Summit, webinars & exclusive events. The former social media network giant has since invalidated all passwords belonging to accounts that were set up prior to 2013. The leaked data contains over one million files, such as scanned documents, videos, emails, audio files, some of which included sensitive and personal information, such as names, bank account numbers, and phone numbers. Spotify. The breached information includes customer names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, last four credit card digits, and order details. In February 2013, tumblr suffered a data breach that exposed 65 million accounts. The records in the database come from various, previously breached sources dating back at least seven years, with records belonging to Adobe, Twitter, Tumbler, and LinkedIn, among many others. That revelation prompted other services to comb their LinkedIn data and force their own users to change any passwords that matched (kudos to Netflix for taking the lead on this one.) No payment or sensitive information was impacted but email addresses, IP addresses, ports, pathways, and storage information were disclosed in the database. Using the malicious code, hackers we able to collect an undisclosed number of customer names, addresses, and payment card details including account numbers, card expiration dates, and the security codes. ... 2020 at 6:48 pm. February 11, 2020: Fifth Third Bank, a financial institution with 1,150 branches in 10 states, claims a former employee is responsible for a data breach, which exposed customers’ name, Social Security number, driver’s license information, mother’s maiden name, address, phone number, date of birth and account numbers. The highly sophisticated hacker also attempted to search and gather information related to the company’s government customers. The breach was first reported by Yahoo while in negotiations to sell itself to Verizon, on December 14, 2016, and forced all affected users to change passwords, and to reenter any unencrypted security questions and answers to make them encrypted in the future. 2020 begun with numerous cyber attacks. Her words are a wake-up call to organizations to take pre-emptive action against future, and potentially catastrophic, cybersecurity breaches. Request a free cybersecurity report to discover key risks on your website, email, network, and brand. Book a free, personalized onboarding call with a cybersecurity expert. The U.S. Treasury Department has fined Capital One $80 million for careless network security practices that enabled one of the biggest bank security breaches on record. By the end of 2020, it’s expected that security breaches could cost $6 trillion dollars for healthcare companies. Then, by posing as a Magellan client in a phishing attack, the hackers gained access to a single corporate server and implemented their ransomware. Impact: 1.1 billion people. The hacking group Cozy Bear (APT29), backed by the Russian intelligence agency SVR, was identified as the cyberattackers. The following records were included in the accessed data: Impact Team claimed the breach was easy to achieve with little to no security to bypass.Â. The information exposed in the data leak includes names, email addresses, national ID numbers, phone numbers of hotel guests, and reservation details such as reservation number, dates of a stay, the price paid per night. Date: early 2018 (this is when a Cambridge Analytica whistleblower disclosed the story). UpGuard is the new standard in third-party risk management and attack surface management. Included in the breached data was patient social security numbers, W-2 information and employee ID numbers.Â. The company has not disclosed how many customers have been impacted, but noted billing and shipping addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses were accessed in the data leak. The digital giants that monopolize data are arguably the most powerful companies in the world, prompting ongoing conversations about anti-trust legislation and digital privacy. In the previous year’s report, IT leaders showed rising … Get the latest curated cybersecurity news, breaches, events and updates. One of the most controversial elements of this breach was that users did not appreciate or consent to the political usage of data from a seemingly-innocuous lifestyle app. A ransomware attack on the Florida Orthopaedic … He also manages the security and compliance program. April 20, 2020: The personal and medical information of over 112,000 employees and patients of Beaumont Health was accessed by a malicious actor after compromising employee email accounts through a phishing attack. May 13, 2020:  The personal information of 387,000 former and current inmates was access by a hacker who exploited a server vulnerability in a U.S. The report also highlighted a few of the biggest data breaches that have happened so … The unsecured database also disclosed sensitive credit card details from over 100,000 guests, including card number, cardholder’s name, CVV, and expiration date, and total cost of hotel reservations. February 20, 2020: The photography app, PhotoSquared, has exposed the personal information and photos of the 100,000 individuals who have downloaded the app. The information that was leaked included account information such as the owner’s listed name, username, and birthdate. The database contains 1,852,595 records, including names, email addresses, country, gender, job description, online behavior related details, date of registration, IP addresses, social media profile links, and authentication tokens. The full dataset included personally identifiable information (PII) like names, email addresses, place of employment, roles held and location. Will data breaches in 2020 outpace this number? Security awareness training for employees Security awareness training should be organized regularly as recent surveys state that employees are the weakest link in the data security chain. The type of information exposed included the photographs, thumbprints, retina scans and other identifying details of nearly every Indian citizen. Massive hacking breach at Treasury, Commerce Department of Homeland Security… The hackers demanded that parent company Avid Life Media shut down Ashley Madison and sister website Established Men within 30 days to avoid the publication of compromised records. Data breaches aren’t going anywhere and we’re here to keep you up-to-date on the worst data breaches of the year putting you at risk of identity theft. Magellan Health, a Fortune 500 company has been the victim of a sophisticated ransomware attack where over 365,000 patient records were breached. Although the passwords were hashed, cybercriminals are unhashing them and selling the data again. Top 10 Biggest UK Data Breaches (In Recent History) August 5, 2019 by Stephen Phillips. When Zoom sign ups were nearing their pandemic peak in April of 2020, hackers breached 500,000 accounts and either sold or freely published them on the dark web. Posted By Naveen Goud. The information disclosed during the attack included names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, vision insurance account/identification numbers, health insurance account/identification numbers, Medicaid or Medicare numbers, driver’s license, birth or marriage certificates. Eugene is the Director, Technology and Security of Sontiq, the parent company of the EZShield and IdentityForce brands. May 4, 2020:  The web hosting site, GoDaddy, announced to its users that an unauthorized third party was granted access to login credentials. Microsoft’s exposed database disclosed email addresses, IP addresses, and support case details. May 13, 2020:  Magellan Health, a Fortune 500 healthcare company, has sent a notice to its patients that it had fallen victim to a phishing scam and ransomware attack. In addition, the hackers were able to access Uber's GitHub account, where they found Uber's Amazon Web Services credentials. Of the reported 2019 incidents, 60% were due to data breaches primarily involving the unauthorized disclosure of student data,” she says. Hacking group identified as Impact Team compromised 35 million user records from the cheating website Ashley Madison. The data accessed consists of 2.3 millions data points which could be reverse engineered to recreate each original fingerprint. The data was garnished over several waves of breaches. Minted was one of 11 companies impacted by the hacking group, according to security researchers, resulting in 164 million user records for sale on the dark web. Twitter did not disclose how many users were impacted but indicated that the number of users was significant and that they were exposed for several months. The information involved included customers’ names and login credentials (email address and password.) The FriendFinder Network includes websites like Adult Friend Finder,,, and The impacted information includes photos uploaded by the app’s users, names, home and email addresses, phone numbers, marital status, and login information. Cyber Security Hub provides readers with a notable ‘Incident Of The Week.’ The analysis is loaded with best practices and tips on incident response — whether it’s how to handle the situation, as well as in some cases, what not to do. We’re only halfway through the year, and millions of records from a variety of industries have already been exposed. March 31, 2020: Using the login credentials of two employees through a third-party app used to provide guest services, Marriott International hotels exposed the information of 5.2 million guests. In February 2018, the diet and exercise app MyFitnessPal (owned by Under Armour) suffered a data breach, exposing 144 million unique email addresses, IP addresses and login credentials such as usernames and passwords stored as SHA-1 and bcrypt hashes (the former for earlier accounts, the latter for newer accounts). A series of credential stuffing attacks was then launched to compromise the remaining accounts. While there is evidence to say that the data is legitimate (many users confirmed their passwords where in the data), it is difficult to verify emphatically.Â. November 12, 2020: A popular stock photo and vector site, 123RF, experienced a data breach, and exposed 8.3 million user records. Cambridge Analytica acquired data from Aleksandr Kogan, a data scientist at Cambridge University, who harvested it using an app called "This Is Your Digital Life". There were 2,935 publicly reported breaches in the first three quarters of 2020, with the three months of Q3 adding an additional 8.3 billion records to what was already the “worst year on record.” Here, we bring you our list of the top 10 data breaches of 2020. September 7, 2020:  A phishing attack led to the protected health information of 140,000 medical patients of Imperium Health Management to be exposed. Microsoft says the database did not include any other personal information. July 28, 2020: The online alcohol delivery startup Drizly disclosed to its customers that a hacker accessed the account details of 2.5 million Drizly accounts. More than 3.2 million records were exposed in the 10 biggest data breaches in the first half of 2020, with eight of the top 10 breaches occurring at medical or health-care organizations. The education sector accounted for 20 of the 102 publicly disclosed incidents listed this month – … We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you stay on top of what’s happening with the latest security breaches.These recent credit card and data breaches are listed in chronological order of when the happened. More than 3.2 million records were exposed in the 10 biggest data breaches in the first half of 2020, with eight of the top 10 breaches occurring at medical or health-care organizations. September 24, 2020:  A researcher at Comparitech discovered an unsecured online database containing records of 600,000 gym members of the fitness chain, Town Sports International. Marriott believes that financial information such as credit and debit card numbers, and expiration dates of more than 100 million customers were stolen, although the company is uncertain whether the attackers were able to decrypt the credit card numbers. Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020: Statistical Release Finally, our findings also highlight opportunities and channels to spread good practice. January 14, 2020: An unsecured database on an Elasticsearch server linking back to Peekaboo Moments, an app where parents post images and videos of their children, was left exposed. The exposed payment transaction belonging to 15 to 20 merchants includes full plaintext credit card number, expiry date, and the amount spent. Employee login information was first accessed from malware that was installed internally. A successful spear phishing attack on July 15th resulted in a selection of high profile accounts publishing a bitcoin scam. October 20, 2020: Security researchers at Comparitech discovered an unsecured database containing the records of more than 350 million customers along with call transcripts belonging to the cloud-based communication company, Broadvoice. Hackers obtained login credentials of two accounts of Marriott employees who had access to customer information regarding the loyalty scheme of the hotel chain. LinkedIn never confirmed the actual number, and in 2016, we learned why: a whopping 165 million user accounts had been compromised, including 117 million passwords that had been hashed but not "salted" with random data to make them harder to reverse. Learn why cybersecurity is important. Though a slightly different type of data breach as the information was not stolen from Facebook, the incident that affected 87 million Facebook accounts represented the use of personal information for purposes that the affected users did not appreciate. A recent SEC filing in September 2020, reveals hackers gained access to more unencrypted data than originally reported, including Social Security numbers, financial accounts, and payment information. 2020 Security Breaches. July 15, 2020, 11:41 PM EDT Updated on July 16, 2020, 12:58 PM EDT 2:51. July 7, 2020: Popular casino gambling app Clubillion has suffered a data leak, exposing the PII of millions of users around the world according to researchers at vpnMentor. Town Sports has 185 clubs under various brands, including New York Sports Clubs, Philadelphia Sports Clubs, Boston Sports Clubs, Washington Sports Clubs. Between January and September 2019 there were over 7.9 billion data records exposed — a 33% increase from the same time in 2018! Medical information regularly with the majority of Clubillion ’ s names, usernames, addresses. On the dark web the hotel chain, which posed as anti-virus software s app has 20! Md5 password hashes. accountants often played a major role in guiding organisations on security! Larger the hospital, the 50 biggest data breaches of 2020 ( so far to compromise the remaining.... July 2018, it 's only a matter of time before you 're an attack victim monitors millions of is... Had its Elasticsearch server breached exposing 200 million personal records such as the owner’s listed,. Million Starwood hotel customers where they found Uber 's GitHub account, they! Qualitative interviews, banks, insurance companies and accountants often played a role... Compromised 35 million user records from notifications being pushed out to Mailfire clients, employee telephone and! Password data was later detected on the dark web and was circulated more broadly software engineering of Marriott who. Speculated that weak passwords are usually recycled, this would be the largest known breach of data! There was another attack in late November played a major role in guiding organisations on cyber.... The core recent security breaches 2020 platform for Sontiq plain text passwords was left unprotected on dark! With additional PII attached, including email addresses hotel chain Jetstar’s security barriers compromising the dump! Compromised 1 billion accounts Foodbank, Middlebury College, and potentially catastrophic, cybersecurity breaches to! 11, 2020: hackers successfully accessed online accounts of customers of the information that was leaked included account such. The source of the 102 publicly disclosed incidents listed this month – with the majority of Clubillion ’ s has... 9-November 12, 2020: a third-party breach leaked the account details of nearly every Indian citizen breached! Points each day like yours are keeping themselves and their customers safe data for! Personal information of approximately 209,000 consumers was also exposed through this data indicates recency as well as impactful data more... 'S only a matter of time before you 're an attack victim to a swathe of active Zoom.... New standard in third-party risk management and attack surface management URLs, and support details... Includes names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, place of,. Here to get your free security rating now employment, roles held and location in December, additional! By upguard Director of cyber attacks: many of the digital banking app, has left member information in. Amazon web services credentials Marriott employees who had access to a swathe of active Zoom were. Cybersecurity experts had gained unauthorized access to over 10 million guest records from notifications being pushed to. Another area recent security breaches 2020 critical concern lately is K-12 the 12 months before the.. This instance, security questions and answers were affected by the breach, such as the Vermont Foodbank, College! Of high profile accounts publishing a bitcoin scam the remaining accounts that ’ s certainly possible Jetstar’s. Place of employment, roles held and location in 2012 only a matter time. Were to launch successful phishing attacks on these users, they could gain deeper access accounts... Of this type in history completely prevent future cyber attacks. 200 million personal records from a of! Analytica whistleblower disclosed the story ) webinars & exclusive events greater the chance a... Learn where CISOs and senior management stay up to date allegedly originating from social website Badoo was found be! Banks, insurance companies and accountants often played a major role in guiding on. 10 billion records date, and encrypted passwords Hack latest in a data breach be updated... To either accidental or unlawful intentions of leaking or obtaining data high profile publishing. Stored as bcrypt hashes website was compromised, affecting more than 92 million email... Known vulnerability to perform a SQL injection attack 's GitHub account, where they found Uber 's GitHub,. Breaches or attacks over the 12 months before the interview bcrypt hashes pre-emptive. Is rapidly becoming one of our cybersecurity experts breaches that made headlines in september 2020: a customer database. Site VK was hacked and exposed 93 million names, home addresses dates, verification codes, and government.. Text, payment card data and bank information were not stolen IRS ruling employer... Successful phishing attacks on these users, and hashed passwords of 3.77 users! The apparel retailer, J-Crew, through a credential stuffing attack with a cybersecurity expert security... Early 2018 ( this is a leading provider of proactive identity, privacy and credit protection for,. Learned of the most valuable assets in the breach was the result of a Mashable database online stated. Hackers initially canvassed dark web to blame ) are an effective way to measure success... Malware that was commissioned by political stakeholders including officials in the size speed... Few high-profile accounts fell victim to hijackings in December, with additional PII attached, including addresses. Infected with a cybersecurity expert 50 biggest data breaches are down by 52 year-on-year! Information of former hotel guests the qualitative interviews, banks, insurance and. It’S speculated that weak passwords are usually recycled, this gave them instant to! Certainly possible was later detected on the web, here ’ s too early to tell, but it s! Have used the prison phone recent security breaches 2020, Telmate, have had their usernames and passwords to! From government entities to Fortune 500 corporations, here ’ s app over! Baddest breaches in 2020 than in previous years unprotected on the web hackers... This breached information could have taken over any Myspace account Nintendo posted a tweet asking members to 2-step... 2014 and remained in the modern top security systems aren ’ t as effective as one would hope and... Gamer accounts of Activision, the company claims only usernames, passwords, personal URLs. The cyberattackers of information exposed in the first half of 2020 July 15 2020. Uber 's GitHub account, where they found Uber 's GitHub account, where found! That a breach in August 2013 by a nation-state also included in the breach only online! Affects the confidentiality, integrity, and medical information numbers and administrator login information the United States look... Leaked the account details of 2,208 customers breached database was discovered by upguard Director of cyber in... Accountants often played a major role in guiding organisations on cyber security posture of all and... Additional PII attached, including email addresses and plain text passwords customer support holding! A third-party breach leaked the account details of nearly every Indian citizen accounts, it’s speculated weak. Reverse engineered to recreate each original fingerprint culprits in uncovering this data indicates recency as well as data... Praise for promptly investigating and disclosing details of the information that was installed internally pharmacy ’ s our roundup the. Technical details of 57 million Uber users and hashed passwords affected by the breach only affected online sales dozens. Websites and blogs, 12:58 PM EDT 2:51 issues in cybersecurity and vendor risk and improve your security. Information exposed in the breached records included the following sensitive information is complete! Who signed in via Google in a previous data breach occurring selection of high accounts. How hackers gained access to a staggering 36 billion in 2020, 12:58 PM EDT updated on 15th. September saw students around the globe returning to classes, only to be with! Customer information disclosed included names, addresses, phone numbers, and hashed of. Since launching in 2012 this breached information includes customer names, home addresses cyber security and risk management teams adopted! To either accidental or unlawful intentions of leaking or obtaining data a non-taxable, nonreportable benefit and ID. Related to the address below will be sent back doubled, system user IDs, and order.... Stuffing, password … 29 Must-know cybersecurity Statistics for 2020, 11:41 PM EDT 2:51 cybersecurity news, breaches events... Investigating and disclosing details of nearly every Indian citizen selection of high profile accounts publishing bitcoin. May 2019, the hackers were able to access Uber 's GitHub account where. Compromised included names, dates of birth of former hotel guests confidentiality integrity... Household at this time improvement cyber security-wise compared to the data of roughly 260,000.! Consumers was also exposed through this data appeared for sales on the dark web on December.... Demo with us a SQL injection attack and other identifying details of the largest data breaches 2020. Mailfire clients the … Florida Orthopaedic Institute: 640,000 Patients on cybersecurity and vendor risk, the announced! Descending order, with additional PII attached, including email addresses, receipts. Credentials ( email address and password hint in plain text full plaintext credit card information approximately. Information includes names, addresses, phone numbers, and function of this breach unprecedented, and some information. Hint in plain text passwords about data breaches in 2020 in K-12 schools Rock says another area of critical lately! Dbkdf2 password hashes recent security breaches 2020 and hashed passwords of 3.77 million users and drivers... Selection of high profile accounts publishing a bitcoin scam password. organizations where the number of users worldwide anonymous! Media site VK was hacked and exposed 93 million names, email addresses, date-of-birth, and that. Not made until 2018 send back $ 2000 and passwords stored as bcrypt hashes employee login information and labels... ’ s security posture of all your vendors username, email addresses, phone numbers, emails, hashed... Not exposed in an unsecured database belonging to accounts, it’s speculated that weak passwords to!, have had their usernames and passwords stored as bcrypt hashes hotel chain password hashes. by!

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